Clean system fluids without air give effective and sustainable HVAC systems.

Modern HVAC, cooling and energy systems set demands for clean, gas-free system fluids. Air, oxygen and gases are less effective energy carriers than fluids and also lead to corrosion, with issues such as cold radiators, clogged valves, rusty pipes and seized pumps in HVAC systems.

TTM’s fluid treatment range consists of products for cleaning, degassing, inspection, replacement and filling of system fluid in HVAC systems.

TTM Mixing Vessels

TTM RTB 61-100

Complete mixing vessel designed for glycol mixed / ethanol mixed cooling media, solar heating media or heating media.


Complete mixing vessel in sizes 200-500 litres for mixing and filling of system fluid.

TTM RTB 61-100 S8

Complete mixing vessel of 100 litres for high system pressures (up to 8 bar) designed for mixing and filling of system fluids etc.

TTM RTB Protector

Overfill containment vessel that provides protection against release during storage and handling of environmentally hazardous chemical mixtures.