Arrhenius laboratory buildings N, P and Q

Project facts:

  • Project supervisor: Akademiska Hus AB
  • Client: Skanska Sverige AB
  • Year of construction: 2013-2015
  • HVAC contractors: AB CJ Björnberg
  • Object: Arrhenius Laboratory, expansion of buildings N, P and Q
  • Size: 16,500 m2
  • Supplied products:
    Shuntopac shunt units, 45 pcs
    NoXygen degasser

TTM receive a new inquiry based on our track record

CJ Björnberg’s previous experience of TTM means they regularly send inquiries to TTM during procurements. The reason is our track record as a reliable supplier, with good quality products, high delivery performance and a competitive price – and of course the fact that TTM is a Skanska-approved supplier.

Patric Lindberg, production manager at CJ Björnberg, notes that as the supplier of shunt units and degassers to all systems, TTM also performed well this time too.

“TTM was able to adapt the design of the shunt unit connections to facilitate installation. The shunt units are also environmentally approved.”

Property owners and project owners are setting increasingly high environmental standards for materials and products. The aim is for properties to be constructed and managed with as large a proportion of environmentally approved products as possible. One important environmental standard is the limit value for how much lead a product may contain to be approved. TTM’s shunt units are environmentally approved by both Byggvarubedömningen and SundaHus, two of the main actors for standardised environmental approvals of products and construction materials.

“TTM fulfilled expectations and is now also included as a supplier in our New Södertälje Hospital project, with 20,000 m2 of new construction and 13,000 m2 of refurbishment,” says Patric Lindgren from CJ Björnberg.

Stockholm University is growing
Extension of two buildings at the Arrhenius Laboratory and construction of a freestanding lecture theatre with a surface area of 16,500 m2. The buildings contain laboratories, offices and classrooms for two departments, the Department of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences and the Department of Biology Education. Spaces for growing plants were also included. A greenhouse was constructed on the roof of building N. The basement contains a garage with space for around 70 cars.

The project created new contact interfaces and gave synergistic effects. It also improved the conditions for university researchers.

Environmentally friendly energy solution
Akademiska Hus also invested in a new, combined energy solution for heating and cooling to supply the entire Arrhenius sector. The energy solution consisted of a set of approximately 150 energy drill holes in the ground surface around the new building, with energy being extracted from the holes via ground-source heat pumps. This solution mean the building is largely self-sufficient in terms of energy, with an estimated reduction in the purchased district heating of 5000 MWh per year. It has also made possible certification of the building according to Miljöbyggnad Silver.

Shuntopac shunt unit.


Product facts:

  • Environmentally approved shunt units
  • Designed so the control valves can be replaced even after the shunt unit is installed
  • All Shuntopac units that are designed and calculated are allocated a product code describing the design and technical specifications. This simplifies, for instance, identification if adaptations are required later.
  • Fire and corrosion-proof housing
  • Total cost is optimised by simplifying purchase, installation and operation.