The Max IV laboratory

Project facts:

  • Customer: MAX IV laboratory
  • Installer: Imtech
  • Construction year: 2010-15
  • Products supplied by TTM 80 Shuntopac Dynamic units in different sizes: • 20–40 Komp • 20–50 K • Combi shunt 20–200 KV • Combi shunt 20–200 VÅK
  • DELIVERY REQUIREMENTS: Shunt units, pumps, control valves, insulation etc. had to be approved by SundaHus.

Synchrotron light is delivered quickly and precisely – and so are shunt units from TTM!

The project required fast, exact and pre-arranged deliveries. TTM made promises and kept them – notifications, deliveries and documentation for 80 shunt units. Everything went like clock… As if fired from an electron gun.
In a project this size, many different activities are taking place in parallel. The project managers’ schedule sets narrow windows for deliveries of products and components. When a team finishes one activity, another needs to begin the next and there’s no room either for early deliveries (which require storage space) or late ones (which delay every other scheduled activity). So notifications are a must and there are strict requirements for products arriving when they should.
TTM made themselves known as a reliable buyer with deliveries that came when they were announced.
The facility was designed by COWI, which drew up information regarding aspects such as flows, pressures and pressure drops. TTM specified the appropriate shunt units for COWI and for the construction documents. Cooling shunts and Combi shunts were supplied with dynamic control valves to cope with variations in available pressure. All supply products were assessed and approved by SundaHus.
The Max IV laboratory is a national facility with Lund University as the host university. The laboratory’s accelerator produces x-rays of very high intensity and quality. The electrons are produced in an electron gun and accelerated in a 300 metre long linear accelerator. After this the electrons are injected into two different vacuum systems – the storage rings – were researchers from the entire world can carry out experiments using synchrotron light. Electrons with lower energy are sent to the small storage ring, with a circumference of 96 m, while higher energy electrons go to the 528 m ring. Almost 1000 researchers from all over the world come to the lab every year to use the facility in scientific research – to make the invisible visible.

Shuntopac dynamic.


Product facts:

  • Dynamic pressure-independent control valves
  • Pressure class PN10 with pipe package of fully welded pressure vessel pipe
  • Thermal cold/heat barrier to prevent double circulation
  • Fire and corrosion-proof housing in metal
  • Insulation in mineral wool for heat and AF/ Armaflex AF-2 (12.5–16 mm) for cold
  • All external valves equipped with measuring points for differential pressure measurement
  • Wall bracket for suspension, or legs with foot plates for larger models
  • CE marking according to manufacturer’s decla ration 2B in the Machinery Directive