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About TTM

Experts in hydronic HVAC-systems

We create energy efficiency in HVAC-systems. The products we manufacture optimize hydronic performance and reduce failures.
Our Mixing units distribute the right temperature and right flow to each part of the HVAC-system. Our hydronic fluid-treatment solutions pressurize and keep the HVAC-system clean and efficient by removing air, dirt and magnetite.

We like to keep it easy

The products we deliver are designed for quick installation and easy commissioning. Our aim is to deliver solutions that is easy to understand and easy to use, make our customers to recurring customers.

Facts about TTM

  • TTM was founded in 1969
  • The first prefab shunt was shown in 1969
  • Sune Berg, one of the founders, is today the sole owner of TTM.
  • TTM’s logo is inspired by the control curve of rotary slide valves.
  • TTM was originally the abbreviation for: TermoTeknik Malmö.