ProfilHotels, Nacka - Complete renovation of technical installations

Project facts:

Supplied products:

4× TTM Shuntopac® 20-200 KV
The Shuntopac 20-200 KV is a combined
shunt unit that uses the heat exchanger for cooling to transfer both cooling and heat to a ventilation system.

1× TTM Shuntopac® 20-40 Komp
The Shuntopac 20-40 Komp is a compact shunt unit for radiator, ventilation and underfloor heating systems.

Client: Fastighets AB Balder

Contractor: Xvent AB, Nacka

Confidence and smooth logistics in focus

When all parties have confidence in each other and trust that plans and promises made will be adhered to, even the most demanding time schedules and logistics plans will work out.
The ProfilHotels Nacka project illustrates the importance of close collaboration and strong commitment in turning tough challenges into success factors on a large and demanding project. This was the attitude taken by both Xvent’s CEO, Petri Alaiso, and Thomas Alvberg at TTM Energiprodukter, with logistics in particular being of great importance on this specific project.

The hotel was closed for renovation work in 2021 and opened its doors again almost a year later in September 2022. Little more than the frontage remained recognisable when previous guests returned for conferences, or to stay and relax. This really was a case of a complete renovation, one that also included the major part of the property’s technical installations. The installation work was conducted by the rapidly-growing Xvent AB in Nacka, with ventilation contracts forming the core activity.

Even a fan room can be neat and tidy

“It began with a decision to replace the pipes, and then the project grew to include replacement of the units, modernisation of the ventilation system, the installation of comfort cooling in every room, renovating the bathrooms and building a spa and relaxation department. For the ventilation contract, we chose Xvent and we are very happy with the results. Not only on the purely technical side, but also in terms of the installation. Peeping into a fan room is rarely particularly exciting, but here it looks really neat and tidy,” says John Zäther, project manager at Fastighets AB Balder.