Huddinge centre - snowmelt system

Project facts:

  • HVAC contractors: HP Rör
  • Property owner: Huge Fastigheter
  • Supplied products:
    Prefabricated special system
    NoXygen degasser, 1 pc
    MAG 76, magnetite filter, 1 pc

Prefabricated specially adapted shunt system in two modules

When there’s a need to control temperature and flow to a snowmelt system for the whole of Huddinge Centrum, what’s required is a shunt unit of considerable size. Prefabrication is the most economical solution, and the entrance to the mechanical equipment room the biggest limitation.
To make the HVAC consultants’ ideas reality, an advanced grasp of compression was required. TTM’s technicians began to devise a solution. The functionality had to be contained within the footprint of 4.5 x 2.2 m, but the biggest limitation was still the entrance – a door of 2 x 2 m.
Just like many other urban shopping centres, Huddinge Centrum has had winter problems with slushy, dirty and wet streets. As well as the risk of slipping, and the fact that it isn’t pleasant to walk through slush and mud, heated streets make things much easier for the shops, which are otherwise faced by the mammoth task of keeping their floors clean and dry.
The installation was carried out by HP Rör, who were impressed by TTM’s design. Despite its weight of 2300 kg, it was easy to handle, and two people were able to transport it into the mechanical equipment room with hand trucks and have it in place in less than two hours.
The prefabricated special system consists of two modules smaller than the dimensions 1.90 x 1.90 m, and the door to the room was 2 x 2 m. Joined together, the unit took up minimal space and immediately generated positive comments.
“What a great piece of kit!” was the verdict of Patrik Wilund, the chief installer from HP Rör, when he first saw it.
A NoXygen degasser with MAG 76 magnetite filter was also installed in the heating system that supplies Huddinge Centrum. The system is kept free of gas and energy efficient to provide maximum function to the snowmelt system.

Prefabricated, specially adapted shunt system.


Product facts:

  • Flexible design in two modules for convenient transport and positioning in narrow spaces
  • Weight 2300 kg
  • Fire and corrosion-proof housing in metal.
  • Module dimensions 1.9 x 1.9 m