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Here you can get information about our full range of products in fluid treatment and shunt units. 

What does the system fluid look like?

Watch our short film showing what a few years old system fluid can look like.


We solve well-known HVAC problems due to air and create sustainable investments!

Water containing gas that forms gas bubbles when pressure and temperature vary, disrupting flow and lowering efficiency in heat exchangers, pumps, radiators, fan coils, etc. The disruptions in flow are usually experienced as difficulties in obtaining heating or cooling to all parts of the HVAC system, where varying pump capacity and difficult to balance systems are common symptoms.

New degasser designed for apartment buildings and smaller systems

Remove the air from heating and heat recovery systems and reduce the operating costs with the new TTM NoXygen ® vacuum degasser.


The easiest way for long-term optimization of system fluid in HVAC installations

TTM NoXygen® is the fastest way to get energy efficient systems
– two taps are enough!

The world's smallest shunt unit is pre-dimensioned and plug-and-play!

Choose the size that best suits your needs.
One article number is enough – in stock ready for delivery!


What is a shunt unit?

A shunt unit is a device that creates energy efficiency in various circuits of a plumbing system by optimizing temperature, pressure and flow rates

Fluid treatment with unlimited system capacity

TTM NoXygen® can be installed for vacuum degassing regardless of the size of the
HVAC system.


Flow efficiency is not a given

Instead of repairing and replacing parts prematurely, you can prevent this with fluid treatment, for example by permanent degassing. This is done by installing a permanent vacuum degasser such as TTM NoXygen®.

Our products

Read more about our products for fluid treatment in HVAC systems

Our fluid treatment range includes products for pressurisation, magnatite and air separation, degassing and filling of system fluids in heating and cooling HVAC systems.

Read more about our products for pressurisation

TTM GeniX® Expansion vessel is an easy to install and use pressure maintenance device for heating systems to maintain a constant operating pressure.

Read more about our prefabricated shunt units

By choosing a TTM Shuntopac® shunt unit, you get a correctly sized and optimised pre-fabricated shunt unit to your HVAC-system.

Case studies

Simonsland in Borås

When Kanico created a new district in the town of Borås, they chose TTM to supply shunt units for the HVAC systems. The area is called Simonsland and contains 60,000 m2 of buildings.

The opera house in Copenhagen

TTM Energiprodukter was one of the suppliers in the construction of the prestigious Copenhagen Opera House Together with their reseller, the company succeeded in winning the deal and delivering 98 different shunt units.

New office in Solna

NCC are building their new head office at Järva Krog in Solna. The new head office has a strategic and easily accessible position adjacent to the E4 motorway.