Gävle multisport arena

Project facts:

  • HVAC contractors: Gävle Rör Team
  • Property owner: Gävlefastigheter
  • Supplied products:
    Shuntopac EM, 7 pcs
    Shuntopac combi shunts and
    heating shunts, 14 pcs

Energy classified arena demands exact measurement methods

For Gävlefastigheter, working with sustainability issues and energy efficiency is a must. Gävle’s new multiarena has a Silver environmental rating. Requirements for this include qualified measurements of energy consumption. And Shuntopac EM was selected to help with the job.

Miljöbyggnad Silver classification
Gävlefastigheter aims for all of their new constructions to achieve Miljöbyggnad Silver classification. And Jaana Kokko, HVAC project designer at Gävlefastigheter, agrees this is the right level. Bronze is too low and Gold is too expensive. Gävlefastigheter also has GreenBuilding certified properties, where the requirement for refurbishment projects is an energy reduction of at least 25% per year.

“We want to make sound long-term choices that lead to systems that are easy to service and maintain and where we can verify energy consumption and identify potential energy efficiency improvements. It should be simple to save energy,” says Jaana Kokko.

Shuntopac EM
Energy metering is carried out by meters registering flow and temperature on the supply and return lines, presenting energy consumption and storing measurement values that can even be read remotely. The measurement results are exact and, in addition to control of energy performance, they also provide measurement values that are approved as a basis for energy charging. The meters are classified according to EN 1434 class 2 and MID 2004/22/EC.

“With the new integrated meters, it’s possible to obtain an accurate and individual reading for the section of the system served by that specific shunt. Prefabricated and installed together with the shunt unit. All you need to do is start metering.
You don’t have to build energy meters on site and can benefit from prefabrication throughout the project,” observes Ulf Wikström, technician for TTM Energiprodukter.

“Shuntopac EM gives exact control that’s very useful, for example in assessing the impact of an energy efficiency project.”

Specified, stipulated and installed
Daniel Hall at ÅF-konsult specified Shuntopac EM based on the framework description issued by Ramböll. The facility covers an area of 18,750 m2 and contains 7 EM shunt units with integrated meter and 14 other shunt units – a mixture of combi and heating shunt units. The heating system consists of several different elements: ceiling heating, radiators, underfloor heating, ventilation heating and curtain heaters in two entrances.

“The prefabricated shunt units with integrated energy meters are easy to install and come in good packaging,” says Magnus Brink from Gävle Rör Team, who is in charge of the installation.

A new athletics and sports arena is taking shape in the Gavlehov sporting district of Gävle. The building houses a large sports hall, a training hall and an athletics hall which will be one of the largest and most modern in Sweden. In total there will be space for around 2500 spectators. The new sporting district of Gavlehov will become a focal point for sporting and athletics activities both for amateurs and elite athletes, young and old – a place where everyone can have fun!

TTM Shuntopac ® EM

Product facts:

TTM Shuntopac ® EM
  • Integrated ultrasound energy meter according to EN 1434 class 2 and MID 2004/22/EC.
  • Siemens UH50 energy meter. For either battery operation or 230 V.
  • Flow meter Qp 0.6 to 60 m3/h.
  • Communication model according to requirements.