TTM Energiprodukter TTM Energy Products has a wide range of prefabricated shunt units for heating, cooling and heat recovery, as well as combined shunt units that combine two or more of these functions. By choosing a Shuntopac shunt unit, you get a correctly dimensioned and well-functioning shunt circuit in your system. The range is presented under each shunt type.

All shunt units that are dimensioned and calculated are provided with a product code describing the design and technical specifications. The meaning of the code can be found under “code templates”.

All our shunt units are environmentally assessed.

TTM Shuntopac® accessories

Floor stands for shunt units

Robust floor stands with small foot-print made of epoxy-coated RHS tubes 50 × 30 mm.

TTM SHUNTOPAC® FlexFit pipe bends

TTM Shuntopac® 20-40 Komp, 20-50 V/K/VÅ can be equipped with FlexFit pipe bends, that increasing the flexibility during installation.