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Safer glycol handling with TTM Protector

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When you work with glycol, for example in an TTM RTB 61 mixing vessel, you can increase safety levels and prevent accidental spills or leaks with TTM Protector 61-100.

Protector is an environmentally secure bunding container that provides protection against accidental release during storage and handling of environmentally hazardous chemical mixtures such as glycol.

TTM Protector 61-100 has a volume of 135 litres, which fulfils the majority of regulatory requirements for bunding volume.

You’re undoubtedly aware that wastewater from industry or commercial property may not differ from household wastewater. If your company has hazardous substances in the water, the company must remove these before the water reaches the treatment plant. Every company releasing fluids into the wastewater network is responsible for them not containing anything that can damage the wastewater system or the aquatic environment into which the treated water is released. Glycol is counted as a hazardous substance. Use Protector to prevent accidental release into floor drains.