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What is a shunt unit?

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shunt unit
  1. Shut off valve
  2. Adjustment valve
  3. Thermometer (liquid contact sensor tube)
  4. Control valve
  5. Cold/heat barrier
  6. Pipe coupling
  7. Divisible insulated enclosure
  8. Circulation pump
  9. Flange joint
  10. Non-return valve
  11. Drain valve

A shunt unit is a unit that creates energy efficiency in different circuits in a HVAC system by optimising temperature, pressure and flows. A shunt unit consists of a primary circuit and a secondary circuit that can work completely independently of each other. The unit can therefore easily regulate different temperatures, pressures and flows in a single heating and cooling system.

The heating and cooling needs in a property vary due to diurnal and seasonal variations, but also as a result of the tenants’ needs. A shunt unit therefore needs to be designed in the right version (U, L or H), function and components for the system it is to be part of. For each shunt unit to be correctly designed, calculations are carried out for the primary and secondary flows in a calculation programme for shunt units.

In large housing complexes, there are often a large number of shunt units that interact because there are a number of different climate zones with separate ventilation and heating needs. The shunt units are therefore adapted for different functions and are available for district heating, energy metering, heat recycling, heat exchanging or as shunt units with combined functions – combi shunts.

Environmental certification

As you can understand, there are an endless number of different shunt units for many different purposes. When it comes to environmentally certified shunt units, things are less complicated. For a shunt unit to be environmentally certified, it needs to fulfil the requirements set by SundaHus (category “B”) and Byggvarubedömningen (“Accepted”). The shunt unit should then contain carefully selected components which means levels of environmentally hazardous substances such as lead can be kept low without the unit’s characteristics being affected.

Prefabricated shunt units

TTM Energiprodukter offers a wide range of prefabricated shunt units for heating, cooling and heat recovery, together with combined shunt units providing two or more of these functions. By choosing a Shuntopac shunt unit, you get a correctly dimensioned and effective shunt function in your system. The range is presented under each shunt type. All shunt units that are designed and calculated are allocated a product code describing the design and technical specifications. You can find an explanation of the code under “Code templates”.

All of our shunt units are environmentally approved.

Our prefabricated shunt units include:

Ready-to-use shunt units
Shunt units for heating
Shunt units for cooling
Shunt units for heat recovery
Combi shunts – shunt units with composite function.
Heat exchanger shunt units
Dynamic shunt units