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Stop running round adjusting valves!

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Shuntopac Dynamic är injusterad redan från fabriken.
Shuntopac Dynamic innehåller dynamiska tryckoberoende styrventiler.
Med dynamiska styrventiler får du tre produkter i en; modulerande styrventil, differenstryckregulator och injusteringsventil.
Styrventilerna är kontinuerligt självjusterande, ger dynamisk balansering och exakt temperaturstyrning.

Have you ever seen adjustment technicians rush around like greyhounds between adjustment valves, trying to achieve balance in the heating system? With Shuntopac Dynamic’s dynamic control valves, you can take it easy. The primary side is already adjusted when it leaves the factory.

Dynamic control valves give three well-known and important characteristics in a single product. You get a modulating control valve, differential pressure controller and adjustment valve in one unit.

For many of our customers, installations in hospitals, schools, industrial premises, shopping centres or in workplaces represent large systems with hundreds of valves. With traditional technology can be very stressful adjusting valves following a new installation, or during stage construction, tenant adaptations or other changes. Dynamic control valves are pressure-independent and permit the main pump pressure to vary without control function being affected. After the first adjustment, the valve itself deals with pressure changes, so you don’t have to run around taking adjustments. And changes such as stage construction require no adjustment of the shunt unit.

If you also choose Shuntopac Dynamic it’s already adjusted when it leaves the factory. Plug and play. Simply hang it on the wall, connect the pipes and you’re ready. It doesn’t get easier than that.