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Struggling with dirt and magnetite?

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It can be tough when you realise how many contaminants and how much magnetite is in your system fluid, but fortunately that’s the start of the solution rather than the problem. System filtration creates clear, good quality fluid, but to ensure the fluid maintains its good condition, you should also degas the system.

The MAG 250 system filter is used to filter out particles, contaminants and magnetite that circulates with the system fluid, clogs pipes and valves, and which also causes wear to your system. The filter is used permanently in large systems, but can also be installed as a temporary solution in small systems.

If you don’t have a MAG 250 system filter permanently installed in your system, you should always install a MAG 54 or MAG 76 together with NoXygen. Deposits can be released by degassing and cause problems in systems and degassers, but with a combination of NoXygen and the MAG 76 dirt/magnetite filter you’re protected from operational disruptions. Here are more options!