Space saving design

System divider with heat exchanger

Flexible shunt unit for heating or cooling

Shuntopac® 20-200 VÅVK

Shunt unit for heat recovery – Heating – Cooling

TTM Shuntopac® 20-200 VÅVK is a combined shunt unit for heat recovery, heating and cooling to a ventilation system. The heat exchanger in the supply air is used in the winter case to transfer heat both from the exhaust air and the heating primary side circuit and in the summer case to transfer cooling from the cooling media circuit. The traditional heating and cooling heat exchangers are removed as the heating and cooling is transferred via a plate heat exchanger in the shunt unit’s supply air circuit.

TTM Shuntopac® 20-200 VÅVK is supplied in dimensions DN 20 up to DN 200 with each circuit adapted for the current flow.

Shuntopac® 20-200 VÅVK is supplied with fire and corrosion-proof housing in aluzinc sheet. Standard insulation is AF/Armaflex AF-4. The shunt unit has a stand with two legs and foot plates for floor set-up and attachment.

The standard version pipe package consists of fully-welded pressure vessel pipe SS-EN 10216-2, rustproofed with grey primer. Pipe packages in other qualities or with another surface treatment can be supplied to order.

The shunt unit is environmentally approved.


1. Control valve
3 pcs seat valves in a choice of make and type.

2. Adjustment valves
4 pcs in a choice of make. Make: TA STAD/F supplied as standard. Installed on pipe package with conical coupling or flange. Can also be supplied with dynamic adjustment valves, flow regulators or differential pressure regulator.

3. Shut-off valves
3 pcs ball valve DN 20-50 with full throughflow and extended stem or 3 pcs butterfly valve DN 65-200. Designed to act as end valves if the shunt unit is removed from the system. Installed on pipe package with conical coupling or flange.

4. Pumps
2 pcs in a choice of make and type with “wet” or “dry” motor.

5. Plate heat exchanger
2 pcs welded, choice of make and type. Make: Swep supplied as standard. The heat exchanger is positioned on the front of the unit group to facilitate service. Other positioning is available on request, provided the heat exchanger’s size and configuration permits it.

6. Non-return valve
1 pc with sprung disc.
7. Drain plugVersion with hose screw connection

8. Thermometers
8 pcs, graduated -40 – +40 °C or 0-120 °C.
Insulation: AF/Armaflex AF-4.

9. Connection R 1/2” for
frost protection sensor on heat exchanger

10. Vacuum and safety valve

Dimensions TTM Shuntopac®  20-200 VÅVK DN20-50

Connection DN 20 25 32 40 50
A 1570 1570 1570 1570 1675
B 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200
C 200 200 200 200 215
D 85 85 85 85 85
E Variable Variable Variable Variable Variable
F 315 315 315 315 315
G 1400 1400 1400 1400 1400
H 100 100 100 100 100
I 285 285 285 285 285
J 1000 1000 1000 1000 1105
K Variable Variable Variable Variable Variable
Weight, approx. kg 115 125 130 145 230

Dimensions TTM Shuntopac®  20-200 VÅVK DN65-100

Connection DN 65 80 100
A 2360 2360 2810
B 1200 1200 1200
C 300 300 350
D 130 130 180
E variabel variabel variabel
F 295 295 395
G 1400 1400 1400
H 140 140 140
I 285 285 285
J 1790 1790 2240
K Variable Variable Variable
Weight, approx. kg 340 440 625

TTM Shuntopac® 20-200 VÅVK

The heating primary side and cooling media circuit side can be supplied with a choice of shunt connection. The heat exchanger is installed on the front of the shunt unit to facilitate service.

Example of Shuntopac with combined heat recovery and cooling function

Customised design
  • Pipe package in choice of material, e.g. stainless steel, copper etc.
  • Anti-corrosive painted pipe mixing loop, e.g. epoxy enamelled. 

Contact TTM to discuss your requirements.

TTM SHUNTOPAC® Green Line is a category of shunt units equipped with low-lead valves. Green Line is intended for customers with high demands for improved environmental assessments


TTM SHUNTOPAC® Dynamic gives correct regulation even in systems with varying differential pressures or where the differential pressure is unknown.


TTM SHUNTOPAC® EM is a category of shunt units equipped with ultrasound energy metering equipment according to EN 1434 class 2 and MID 2004/22/EC.

Floor stands for shunt units

Robust floor stands with small foot-print made of epoxy-coated RHS tubes 50 × 30 mm.


Simonsland in Borås

When Kanico created a new district in the town of Borås, they chose TTM to supply shunt units for the HVAC systems. The area is called Simonsland and contains 60,000 m2 of buildings.


TTM Energiprodukter was one of the suppliers in the construction of the prestigious Copenhagen Opera House Together with their reseller, the company succeeded in winning the deal and delivering 98 different shunt units.


NCC are building their new head office at Järva Krog in Solna. The new head office has a strategic and easily accessible position adjacent to the E4 motorway.