Substation completed in Belarus

export success

When TTM was asked to build a complete substation within the limited 5 x 5 x 2 metre space, they weren’t really facing a new problem – just a bigger one. Over more than 40 years of manufacturing prefabricated shunt assemblies, TTM has developed the knowledge and experience to provide the best solutions for the customer.

  • Complete prefabricated substation for a small, pre-determined area
  • Easy to transport
  • Easy to install
  • Quality assessed

Recent developments have been to offer prefabrication of large distribution units as well as complete substations, in addition to standard shunt units.
The customer, in Lithuania, had documented its needs in a flowchart and layout sketch. The challenge for TTM Energy Products’ development engineers was to create a prefabricated unit that would contain the functions of a complete substation (pumps, valves, shunt units, etc.) in a small, predetermined area. It had to be transportable, easy to handle and install far away in a foreign country, where there was great uncertainty about the resources and skills available on site.

The solution was a well designed, prefabricated sub-centre in five modules, which is divided and reassembled by well-placed flange joints. The prefabricated substation creates significant benefits for both end customer and contractor. The time savings and quality assurance in the construction project itself are perhaps the most obvious, but not having to rely on local sourcing of components or risking local system changes that could compromise the integrity of the substation also minimises the risk of failure. Something that tends to be appreciated by international builders operating in distant export markets.

TTM has both the width and depth of expertise required to successfully create prefabricated substations.

  • Effect: 1,8 MW
  • Foot-print: 4,4 x 4,3 m
  • Provided with HT/Armaflex
  • Five transport-friendly modules
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