Easy to install, commission and control

Lowers operating costs

Increases energy efficiency in heating and cooling

TTM NoXygen® M650

Removes harmful gases in hydronic systems and automatically refills the system with water

TTM NoXygen® M650 is a fully automatic vacuum degasser for heating and cooling systems that can be connected for control, regulation and monitoring via Modbus RTU. Energy losses, corrosion and sound problems in the systems are mainly caused by a high gas concentration in the system fluid.

TTM NoXygen® M650 is provided with an automatic water-refilling system. When the gases are eliminated by degassing the hydronic system, the system pressure decreases, and the unit automatically refills the system with dilution water until the pre-set system pressure is obtained. The displays on the unit how much water that has been filled into the system.

TTM NoXygen® M650 prevents above stated problems by using an effective method that keeps the system free of gases that gives higher energy efficiency, lower maintenance cost and longer lifetime of the system components.

TTM NoXygen® can be installed in both existing and new systems.


TTM NoXygen® is environmentally assessed according to a Swedish Standard.

Installation benefits

  • Easy to install, commission and control
  • Quick degassing function
  • Automatically refills the HVAC system
  • Can be installed in both small and large systems.


Operational benefits:

  • Reduces operating costs
  • Prevents corrosion of system components
  • No need to vent radiators
  • Increases energy efficiency of heating and cooling systems
  • Minimises noise problems in heating and cooling systems
  • Stable and easy adjustment
  • Removes gases from the system fluid
  • Prevents degradation of refrigerant liquids.
  • The automation for control, regulation and monitoring is connected via Modbus-RTU.

Operating principle

TTM NoXygen® takes out and treats a partial stream that is
pumped from the main fluid conduit and processed with a strong underpressure in the NoXygen unit between -0.7 and -0.9 bars. The gases are released by the pressure reduction and are led out through a gas-release valve. The fluid is then returned to the main conduit.

TTM NoXygen® M650 is provided with an automatic water-filling system that compensates for the reduction in volume that occurs when removing gasses. The filling of dilution water occurs automatically when the pressure in the device falls below the set reference value. As a safety measure, NoXygen will emit an alarm signal upon each refilling as an indication that that water is being introduced into the system.

TTM NoXygen® is very easy to install, commission and operate. Operation is monitored by a control unit where 2 pushes of a button is enough to start the operating mode. TTM NoXygen® starts in manual operation and after 30 days it automatically switch to a timer mode.

There is an option to select manual operation between 1-30 days before. TTM NoXygen® switches over to timer operation. Time operation can be selected using three different starting times: 9:00 am, 1:00 pm or 7:00 pm. In most cases, one hour of operation per day is fully sufficient to keep the gas concentration in the fluid at a low level. Timer operation can be chosen for operating times of 1-8 hours.

Principle installation with TTM NoXygen® and TTM OFFSET equalization vessel with TTM GeniX® pressurization unit.

Automatic vacuum degasser installation

The purpose of liquid treatment by vacuum degassing is to reduce the gas content to a level where corrosion stops and the system liquid regains its optimum energy-carrying properties.

Principle installation with TTM NoXygen® and TTM OFFSET equalisation vessel with pump expansion.

TTM NoXygen® vacuum degasser fits system volumes from 1 m3 to 50 m3. For system volumes larger than 50 m3 or where faster degassing is required, TTM NoXygen® can be installed sequentially in the return flow of the manifold.
Art. no.515975
System pressure standard, total
pressure at the connection point, max:
5.0 bar
Media temperature:0 – +70 °C
Ambient temperature:0 – +40°C
Capacity, degassed fluid:Min. 135 l/h
Vacuum capacity during degassing:Tot -0.9 bar
Backflow preventer:Type CA
Pressure class:PN 10
Media :Water without chemical additives
Connection dimension:DN15 – G1/2”
Electrical data:1~230 V. 50 Hz. plug
External fuse:10 A
Nominal power:0.75 kW
Nominal current :5.0 A
Energy usage:37 kWh/year 1
Connection to DUC:Modbus RTU (RS485)
Alarm output, max load:24 V, 1.0 A
Class of protectionIP44
Noise Level :61 dB
Weight30 kg

1) Operation with 30 days of quick degassing results in an energy consumption of 102 kWh the first year.

TTM NoXygen® may be installed in
disturbance sensitiveenvironments such as
hospitals, offices and industries.



The TTM MAG 54 is an efficient magnetite separator combined with a dirt separator. The unit is primarily intended to be installed together with the TTM NoXygen®.



The TTM MAG 76 is an efficient magnetite separator combined with a dirt separator. The unit is primarily intended to be installed together with the TTM NoXygen®.


TTM Offset

TTM Offset is a qualisation vessel used with TTM NoXygen in systems that are sensitive to pressure variations.


TTM Connection hose

The TTM Connection hose is a Butyl hose with stainless steel braiding and internally-threaded connections classified for pressures up to 10 bar.


Simonsland in Borås

When Kanico created a new district in the town of Borås, they chose TTM to supply shunt units for the HVAC systems. The area is called Simonsland and contains 60,000 m2 of buildings.


TTM Energiprodukter was one of the suppliers in the construction of the prestigious Copenhagen Opera House Together with their reseller, the company succeeded in winning the deal and delivering 98 different shunt units.


NCC are building their new head office at Järva Krog in Solna. The new head office has a strategic and easily accessible position adjacent to the E4 motorway.