Dirt separator

Increases system lifetime

Reduces noise and operational disruption

Protects TTM NoXygen® from dirt/magnetite


Dirt separator

Effective magnetite and dirt separator

TTM MAG 54 is an effective magnetite filter combined with a dirt separator. The unit is primarily intended to be installed with the TTM NoXygen® vacuum degasser.


When the gas level falls in a heating or cooling system, magnetite and other deposits are often released from the system’s inner walls. The particles contribute to increased wear, including to pumps and pipe walls, and can cause clogging.


Installing TTM MAG 54 together with TTM NoXygen® is recommended if it is known that there is magnetite or other particles in the system fluid.


Art. no: 514428


When installed in combination with the TTM NoXygen® pressure relief valve, the TTM MAG 54 is connected to the system (DN15) and then mounted directly on the shut-off valve on the inlet to the TTM NoXygen®


The magnetite is collected using a powerful magnet placed in the bottom of the housing. Particles and dirt are separated from the system fluid through a dirt separator consisting of a 300 micron strainer basket, which effectively collects particles and drives them down into a particle trap.

Funktion of a dirt separator
TTM MAG 54: Specification:
Articel nummer: 514428
Connection dimension DN15 (Int./ext.)
Pressure class PN10
Temperature °C -10 – +90°C
Material housing Brass/stainless steel
Collection volume (litre) 0.1
Kv value 4.96 m3/h
TTM MAG 54 replacable particle filter

The TTM MAG 54 dirt separator is a replacement filter designed for the TTM MAG 54 magnetite and dirt separator.


Simonsland in Borås

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TTM Energiprodukter was one of the suppliers in the construction of the prestigious Copenhagen Opera House Together with their reseller, the company succeeded in winning the deal and delivering 98 different shunt units.


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