Cleans the system fluid

Lowers operating costs

Increases energy heating and cooling efficiency in HVAC systems

Magnetite and dirt separator

TTM MAG 110 M is a magnetite and dirt separator with a patented dirt separator that effectively separates magnetic and non-magnetic particles. Area of use TTM MAG 110 is installed in heating and cooling systems before vital equipment such as boilers, cooling units, heat exchangers etc.
Dimensions: 3/4 ″ – 1 ″, 22 CU and 28 CU
Pressure class: PN10
Media temp.: 0 – + 110 ° C
Material housing: Brass
Connection: Internal thread and CU-connection
TTM MAG 110 removes magnetic and non-magnetic particles and dirt during continuous operation. When the system fluid passes through the house and the patented insert lowers the speed of the fluid and particles and the dirt collects at the bottom of the separator. A powerful magnetic insert attracts magnetite.
TTM MAG 110 can be connected both vertically or horizontally. The separator should always be installed vertically.

TTM MAG 110 is cleaned simply by removing the magnetic insert (1) and opening the drainage spigot at the bottom (2).

TTM MAG 110 M 

Model Dimensions: Pressure class: Temperature Material (housing): Max flow (max. m/s) Max flow (max. m3/h) Dimensions (wxhxd mm) Download CAD file
MAG 110 M 20 G3 / 4 ″ inv. PN10 0 – + 110 ° C Brass 1.4 1.8* 139 x 204 x 61 510581
MAG 110 M 22 22 CU PN10 0 – + 110 ° C Brass 1.4 1.6* 139 x 204 x 61 513162
MAG 110 M 25 G1 ″ inv. PN10 0 – + 110 ° C Brass 1.4 2.9* 139 x 204 x 61 510598
MAG 110 M 28 28 CU PN10 0 – + 110 ° C Brass 1.4 2.6* 139 x 204 x 61 513179
*) Max flow in standard pipe.

TTM recommends

TTM NoXygen® C650

Automatic vacuum degasser that degasses down to -0.9 bar. Intended for heating and comfort cooling systems.


Large system filter for very dirty system fluids, for temporary or permanent installation.


Simonsland in Borås

When Kanico created a new district in the town of Borås, they chose TTM to supply shunt units for the HVAC systems. The area is called Simonsland and contains 60,000 m2 of buildings.


TTM Energiprodukter was one of the suppliers in the construction of the prestigious Copenhagen Opera House Together with their reseller, the company succeeded in winning the deal and delivering 98 different shunt units.


NCC are building their new head office at Järva Krog in Solna. The new head office has a strategic and easily accessible position adjacent to the E4 motorway.